The Mass Builders

If you could only do one exercise for mass per body part, what would it be? The formula for mass is maximum overload in minimum time. Overload consists of taxing a muscle to the point of getting a pump without the burn. The burn you get from maxing out a muscle group is called muscle fatigue and for mass it isn’t as beneficial as muscle overload.

Now that we know how to tax the muscle, we still need to know how much it takes to tax that muscle and what motions are most successful in taxing the muscle the right way. First, many people think that the more sets and reps that are done, the more growth that will occur. The problem is that if these reps are not done with maximum intensity, growth will be limited. The best combination of reps and sets for maximum overload is 4-6 reps and 1-3 sets. At this rep range, you can focus on delivering maximum intensity to the muscles for all the reps. It is best to pick a weight that is light enough to do 4 times, but heavy enough so that you can not do more than 6 reps for the 1-3 sets. Each set should be done to positive failure with total focus on maximum intensity for maximum overload. Positive Failure is where you cannot do another rep, but no negatives or help from a spotter. This helps with the intensity for the next set. Which brings me to my next point. If you have the time during the week, I recommend doing 1 muscle group per workout per day. This way you overload the whole muscle group and then give it a whole week to recover. Recovery is very important to building mass, it is better to get in the weight room, overload the muscles (most of the time in under an hour) and then grab a shake (within 15 minutes of completion of your workout). The whole mass building process is clean and compact and yields proven results. While throwing around big weight in the gym feels like it is building the muscles, recovering with 1-2 grams of protein per pound bodyweight throughout 6-8 meals with shakes and getting 8 hours sleep is where the real muscle repair and transformation occur.

It is very important to warm up before you even think about dbal max lifting with intensity. And I don’t mean running for 10 minutes either. You could either do 5-10 light sets of a supplemental exercise OR do a warm up routine that has been proven to add pounds and reps to your core sets. Start with a comfortable weight that you can do 12 reps of your mass building exercise with, do those slow and deliberate. Next up the weight to do 10 reps with, again slow and controlled. Next do 8 reps with more weight and start to explode out of the bottom. These are the warm up sets, now time for weight acclimation sets. These let you feel the heavy weight and how you need to handle it. Do a heavier set with 3 reps, that’s it , just enough to feel the stress. Then for the last set before show time, do a set of 1 with either the weight you will do 4-6 reps with or a little more to get you accustomed. This warm up routine will not get you tired ( if you do it properly), and will warm your muscles up enough to handle your real weight (maybe even more).

So you know how to warm up and you have your game plan ready ,but if you are only going to do one muscle group per day, what are the best exercises for each muscle group that will yield the highest overload and results? Get a Pen–