LSU Should Get BCS Bid

There is a raging national debate, currently taking place around thousands of water coolers, over who should get the #2 Bowl Championship Series (BCS) slot to face #1 Ohio State in the BCS National Championship game on January 8, 2007. However, with Arkansas’ loss and USC’s win this past weekend, the debate over #2 is likely over. It’s a safe bet that USC will beat UCLA this weekend and return to the National Championship game for the third straight year.

But, who else will make it to the BCS? Well, there are 10 BSC slots. The National Championship game gets the top 2 BCS teams. The next 8 go to the Rose, Fiesta, Sugar and Orange bowls.

The champion of each BCS conference is automatically in. That means USC gets the Pac-10 slot; Ohio State gets the Big-10 slot; Boise State has already qualified for a spot; Rutgers or  ufabet เซียนบอลสเต็ป Louisville will get the Big East slot; the winner of Georgia Tech/Wake Forest gets the ACC automatic bid; the winner of the Oklahoma/Nebraska game gets the Big-12 slot; and, the winner of the SEC championship game (Florida or Arkansas) gets the SEC slot. That accounts for 7 of the 10 BCS bids.

Then, Michigan will surely get one and Notre Dame (undeservedly) will get one. Why Notre Dame? Oh my, that’s a whole different subject I can’t cover here. Anyway, we are now down to only one empty slot. Who should get it?

The answer is obvious. LSU. Why? Mostly because this year, as in most years, the SEC is clearly the strongest football conference. On any given Saturday – Florida, LSU, Arkansas, and Auburn could all beat anyone in the country. And, Tennessee was right there before it’s QB went down.

Don’t just take my word for it. Look at the BCS standings going into the final weekend of the year. 3 SEC teams in the top 10 (Florida, LSU, Arkansas) and Auburn is #11. That’s amazing!! Tennessee comes in at #16. No other conference has more than 3 teams in the top 25. The SEC has FIVE in the top 16!