Football Pass Catching Drills

This article will discuss football pass catching drills that are designed to develop finger tip control, soft hands and stronger fingers. Considered repetition stationary drills, each of the 4 can be practiced alone and even at home.

4 Pass Catching Drills:

1. Ball Dropping Drill:
Positioning hands in the front about waist high, the athlete grips the ball finger tips only by the wider part of the football. Dropping the ball the athlete catches the ball with both hands using only the thumb and finger tips only. This drill helps develop stronger fingers and finger tip ball control.

2. The Toss Up Drill:
This drill requires the athlete to toss the ball straight up, about 4 feet above the head. Reaching and looking up for the ball trains the football player to put their arms and head in the proper catching position. Focusing on catching the ball with the fingers and thumb only develops muscle memory and stronger fingers for the athlete.

3. Side to Side Toss Drill:
This pass catching drill is done with the hands in front about waist สมัครเข้าเว็บหลัก ufabet high. Avoiding using the palm of the hand the athlete roll tosses the ball from one hand to the other catching the football with fingers and thumbs only. This exercise will help with muscle memory and getting finger tip control.

4. Behind the Back Drill:
This training drill usually follows the Side to Side. Like the Side to Side the hands are positioned about waist high but behind the back. This will cause a further arm extension. Roll tossing the ball from hand to hand, you want to catch the ball only with fingers and thumbs. This drill will help you develop softer hands and stronger fingers.

These football pass catching drills are easy to perform and will help you develop what every receiver wants, softer hands, finger tip control and more caught passes.

In the resource box below there is a link to a 4 minute video that demonstrates equipment designed to force catching the football with the fingers and shows all four of the practice drills listed in this article.