Women and Body Sculpting – How To Get Started

What does it mean when we talk about body sculpting exercises for women and how do we choose those effective ones? Well let me first explain body sculpting exercises; they are exercises which can be used to consume off body fat. For example, the muscles of your arms are visibly seen. In other words, your body needs to reach a certain level of leanness in order for the muscles/curves to be visible, and for others to notice.

Presently don’t get me wrong about only focusing on losing body fat because for this very reason so many women become so occupied with performing aerobic training like running or cycling they forget about adding any type of resistance training. So adding resistance training for women is part of the right formula to have an effective body sculpting exercises for women, period.

Women’s Body Sculpting Exercises (Exercise One)

100-Meter Sprinting

Actually it does not have to be a 100-Meter Sprint because not every one is able to do that, and I don’t ask most of my clients to start with that. But if you have been running for some time, then you should try to sprint for 7 to 10 seconds, and then you should take a walk as you gather your energy before repeating the same thing for another 10 to 20 bouts. Oof!

– Warming up for 5 7 minutes is very critical; so don’t neglect that.

– You sprint by jogging first (for about 4 seconds) then start running (for about 4 seconds) and finally start sprinting for 7 to 10 seconds and hifu treatment before and after as you progress you should be able to add another 2 or 3 seconds more for a total of 12 to 13 seconds.

– The best place to sprint is in a high school or college track. Or you can sprint on a paved trail that has a smooth surface and is safe enough so you can sprint.

Women’s Body Sculpting Exercises (Exercise Two)

The Tiger Walk w/Push-ups

The Tiger Walk is similar to the bear crawl except you don’t stick the butt up high, but instead you will have the body level, so if you place a cup of water on your back it should not tip over.


– In this exercise you will walk on your hands and your feet like crawling, but the knees are NOT touching the floor.

– Perform the Tiger Walk for six steps then pause to perform one push up

– Continue with performing the Tiger Walk for another six steps, and then pause for your second push-up

– Repeat the motion until you complete 24 Tiger Walks and 4 push-ups.

The great thing about the Women’s Body Sculpting Exercises is that you are expending a significant amount of calories, and at the same time you are preserving your muscle tissue.