March 2018


Greetings Friends,

As we travel through Lent, we are pilgrims on a journey, an adventure. There are sights to see, lessons to learn, and people with whom we travel. But the risk in all the excitement is that someone may be missed, or left behind.

On school trips, the number one rule is to remember to take everyone home! That is why we see children walking in pairs, using buddy systems and why there are so many head counts! I’m sure I’m not alone in remembering what it feels like to be lost, alone and left behind.

It has even happened to Jesus, while on their annual pilgrimage to the Temple in Jerusalem, Mary and Joseph thought that the young Jesus was in their group, but he wasn’t, he had been left behind. Jesus handled it in his stride. But can you imagine God saying to Mary and Joseph ‘What do you mean you have LOST My Son?’ Fortunately of course, when Mary and Joseph remembered, they turned back and went to find him.

Sadly, there are moments where some people feel that they have been left behind in our church at the end of worship. As a Church family, we should always travel together, no one must ever feel forgotten or left behind.

So, whatever the reason you are here, I invite us all to always remember to look back and return to approach those who are still in the Church

Every blessing,