May 2018



So where to next?

I think that life was always designed to be an adventure, don’t you? Whether it be that of Bilbo Baggins, Dr Who or The Robinson Family (Lost in Space is back on tv). They all have their moments of joy and their moments of jeopardy. Indeed, the only mistake any of these seem to make is standing still for too long.

And our children personify that insatiable need for adventure, something that becomes blunted over time. The first question they ask is ‘Are we there yet?’ And as they explore the theme park they will be clear about where they want to go first, before eventually asking ‘where to next?’ Because standing still is boring, and if we are honest, I think we would agree.

When Jesus appeared to the women at the tomb, he said ‘tell the disciples to go to Galilee, that is where I will meet them’. When Jesus returned to Heaven, Jesus asked the disciples to stay in the city (Jerusalem) until they received the gift of the Holy Spirit. The trick is listening to what Jesus is asking of us.

I have wondered what it would sound like if Jesus was my Sat Nav, Before saying ‘proceed to the highlighted route’, I expect him to say ‘ seek ye first the Kingdom of God’, and when we take a wrong turn, he would declare ‘repent’ rather than demanding a U turn. What I don’t anticipate hearing him say anytime soon is ‘ you have reached your destination’.

I don’t think that Jesus wants us to stand still for too long, or we will no longer become living stones and instead become dead statues. So where does Jesus want us to go next? And how will we get there?

Well, if my sat nav could talk, it would remind me (with eyes rolling in distain) that in order to see where we are going, we need to be sure of our starting point.

Fresh from the presses, is the Church’s Report on its highlights and achievements for the current year and its prayer requests and aspirations for the coming year.

We meet together each May, to remember and rejoice at what God has done, and commit ourselves equally joyfully to where our walk with God will take us over the coming year. This is our starting point for the coming year.

So please consider this a personal invitation to the Church’s Annual General Meeting on Sunday 6th May, at Midday, so that together we can look back and go forward.

Do we hear Jesus saying ‘ straight on after the next junction’ ? What is Jesus saying to you?

Every blessing,