June 2018


Dear Friends,

I wonder what plans you have for June? Work, holidays, church, exams? Like all the months before it, it will come and go quicker than we can imagine, and yet we can make these next 30 days count even in the midst of everything else.

Throughout June, at least one of the Bible Study groups will be looking at the Book of Jonah as part of the Methodist Church’s Bible Month 2018. Jonah was a person who was called by God to go somewhere different and preach God’s message of salvation and grace. Either side of this, he did seem to sulk a lot. But I do like Jonah. For all his complaints, we see a genuine person wrestling with what God has asked of them until in the end he finally does what is right, he does what God wants.

Jonah is sometimes called the reluctant preacher, and that is how I know him. When I received my call to preach, I was convicted in my heart that I had been ‘a real Jonah!’ – denying what God wanted me to do, until it became so powerful and all consuming, all I could do was say a grateful yes to God’s call.

I often hear people say that they have wrestled with the thing that God has asked them to do. These people are I am pleased to report usually following their calling. The one thing I think I can say is that I have not met anyone who regrets following Jesus’ invitation to follow him, wherever it has led them, even if it has taken them a little time to say yes.

As I write, the message of Pentecost is still fresh in my mind – that Jesus asked the Father to pour out His Spirit on All the believers, so that we would All be given divine revelations to share, young and old. It doesn’t matter how reticent you feel, what matters is that God has chosen you and how long it will take you to say your own grateful yes before following Jesus into whatever he is calling you to do.

Jonah makes a great bed time story - it is very short. Maybe you will read a book about Jonah, or draw a picture or make a model of the whale, or see how many song titles you can see in the story, however you do it, during the next 30 days, let God’s Spirit use this very old prophet to show you something new this month.

Every blessing,